Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nice Mountains around the corner!!!

Some days ago I met a beautiful place to train. It is about 20 min from La Jolla. It is a park called Mission Trails Regional Park.

There are several trails around there and a lot of mountains. Is perfect to do hiking and mountain bike. It's very big and you can ride for hours without seeing people, make sure to bring water and some food, you may need if you get lost. Try to go to the information center before adventure yourself. It is always good to figure out some information about the place.

If you hike early in the morning you can cross over the fog and appreciate a very nice view. The park also provide some events that you can join. Check the website for more information.

Good luck!!! Have a great adventure!!!



Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Black's Beach Hill Repeats Record - 13 Times!

How I said in my previous post last sunday I went to my group training at Blacks Beach.

Almost the whole group had to run 6 times the hills. Joshua, Charlie and I supposed to do 10 hills.  When we got there our coach said that another guy had just finished 11 hills. After we digest this news we decided to do 13 hills. We ran about 22 km and we climbed a total of 5200ft.

The nicest thing about this training is that you exercise your mind. After 10 hills your body is completely tired and it is very difficult to keep pushing. Then is the time to make your mind drive your body to keep going and reach your goal.

The power of mind is much stronger than we can imagine!!!! Try to use it in your regular basis..



Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blacks Beach!!!

Blacks is a wonderful beach located in La Jolla. The picture of the blog was taken there.

This following Sunday at 8:30 AM, the Group Breakaway Training, the multisport coaching that I train every week, will be doing some hills repeat there. 

Basically is 1 mile hill, very very steep. It is an exceptional training to build strength. Each athlete must to follow the training that our coach is going to pass. 

In my case, I will be doing a real challenge with my partner Joshua, which is training to do the same Race than me, the X Terra trail run. We will do 10 times this hill. 

If I survive after that, I will post how was this training. If you feel like doing this training just get there at 8:30 and join the party. 

See u next week!!!

2011 Stagecoach Century

On January 15th, some friends and I competed in our first race of the year. It was supposed to be a long training ride for me but it wasn't; it was a real race.

This race was a 100 mile four-man team time trial. My 3 friends definitely kicked my ass on the ride. I came close to backing down because I didn't think I had enough power but instead, pushed myself to keep in the their draft.

The course was in Ocotillo about 80 Miles east of San Diego. The scenery was really beautiful and the desert roads were full of long gradual climbs. The course ran though in the desert where the air was dry. Additionally, even though it was the middle of winter, there was about a 30 degree swing in temperature during the day and by noon, the temperature it made its up to about 85 (26 C).

Ocotillo is really close to the Mexican border and far away from any large cities making it an ideal place to do some longer distance training due to the extreme weather conditions and absence of cars on the road.

I highly recommend getting together with friends and taking a trip to Ocotillo for a long training ride. Though the race was difficult I am sure it helped improve my riding and am glad I worked though the difficulties I faced.

The summary of the race: 100 miles covered in 5 hours and 17 minutes. Total ascent/descent totaled 4,900ft. Our average speed was 19 miles/hour and I burned approximately 5,500 calories.

I'd like say thanks for my team, they did a real team work helping me and motivating me the whole time. Adam, Charlie and Joshua, thanks so much for the amazing experience. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Paddling with dolphins!!!!

This movie shows a simple day of paddling in San Diego. My friend and I left from La Jolla Shores and went to Blacks beach. The dolphins are there almost everyday and it is very easy to find them. They are usually in about the same spot; close to where the sea birds are circling looking for fish. Winter is also wales season and I hope next time find them to post here. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the Blog. See you next time.....